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Save big on
business travel

Join the only corporate travel app that
rewards employees for saving company money.


Save up to 30% on travel costs

Get full visibility and control

The #1 travel and expense software

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Unrivalled travel selection
Designed to delight business travellers

Access exclusive Navan rates and book from thousands of air, hotel, car rental, and train suppliers. Your employees will earn all partner loyalty points, including on hotels!

Smart incentives
Navan pays your employees for reducing your costs

Navan incentivises cost cutting by showing travellers a “Price to beat.” Travellers booking below it earn a share of these savings that can be used to book personal trips on Navan. It’s a win-win.

Modal example of travel rewards earned using the Navan travel app
Unlimited dynamic travel policies
Guarding your travel budget smartly

Navan determines a fair market price for each trip search. Depending on your settings, travellers are able to book below or above it. You get full visibility of spending (and savings!) in one place.

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24/7 travel concierges
Focus on being there, not getting there

When a flight gets disrupted your travellers need help as fast as possible. Navan’s travel concierges answer instantly (sometimes they even reach out) and perform magic 24/7 over the phone and in-app chat.

Person standing next to an example of Navan chat support

Save time

Book a trip in under 6 minutes

Go green

Monitor your carbon footprint

Cut costs

Save up to 30% on corporate travel

Ready to try out Navan?

You can begin booking, set up a company account, define policies, and invite your employees—instantly.

“Our employees love it”

Navan drove significant cost savings for Carta and our employees love it. They get incentivised for spending company money wisely.

Hugh Drinkwater

Head of Procurement

“Navan is simply further ahead.”

We needed a consistent, global tool that could provide real-time visibility and financial accuracy. Navan is simply further ahead with encompassing everything in one global solution.

Crystal Ryu

Senior Director of Financial Operations